Thanks for this distinction! I've spent the past few years kinda muddledly not exactly being either a dedicate or not a dedicate and putting words to it makes me feel slightly less confused.

> There’s a sense of meaning and purpose to devoting yourself to world improvement: you never have to worry about ennui, about the sense that you’ll die without having any sort of impact on the world, that there’s no reason you’re alive.

I wish this were true, but IME it doesn't apply to people who work on x-risk. Plenty of room there for doubting whether you have any impact on the world :/

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Apr 12, 2022Liked by Ozy Brennan

I needed this. I think a lot of people did. Also, thank you for that biography of St. Simeon Stylites; my church history is even more gloriously weird than I knew it to be lol.

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v clearheaded as always! one of those posts that's laid out so sensibly and succinctly it feels obvious in retrospect, like "surely we'd all been thinking this way all along?" i think "dedicates" is just going to be in my vocabulary now

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