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This is mostly a blog about whatever I’m interested about. Lately, I have mostly been interested in effective altruism: the project of figuring out how to do the most good through evidence and reason. But I also enjoy thinking about how to think better, how to do relationships better, discourse norms, and H. P. Lovecraft— and you can expect some of each of these.

If you care about doing good better, thinking more clearly especially if you’re neurodivergent or mentally ill, or improving the quality of our discussions about important topics, I hope you consider subscribing.

I would like to thank Neptune for creating the blog’s icon; David MacIver for naming the blog; and Keller, Ivy, Elena, and Lindsey for their services as beta readers.

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The stars above me and the moral law within me.


Ozy Brennan 

The gradual supplanting of the natural by the just.