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Against Lisa Marchiano On Gender Therapy

Merry Christmas

How Therapy Works

Weird People of History: Beatrice Sparks

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Against Deference Politics: Or, The Importance Of Building Shit

Earning To Give In The Wake Of The FTX Scandal

American Hookup Review

On The Convergence of Human Ethics At Reflective Equilibrium

Rationalists and the Cultic Milieu

Let's Read A Paper: What Makes People Stop Being Veg*n?

For Suicidal People Who Think Of Themselves As Burdens

Lesbian Culture for Trans Lesbians

2022 Voting Guide

Casual Sex Cultures In Comparison

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Against Kathleen Stock On Fetishes, Liberalism

Interesting People of History: Charles Williams

Contact and Networking

Hookworm Eradication: A Case Study In Moral Hedging

The Thirty Facets Of The Big Five Personality

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What Openness To Experience Means

On Superstimuli

Against, And Then For, Internal Loci Of Control

Fun Facts From What We Owe The Future

Quotes I Highlighted In My Copy Of 'Times Square Red, Times Square Blue'

Questions for The Truman Prize

Why Does Trauma Make People So Messed Up?

Interesting People of the 1920s: Brilliant Chang

Let's Read A Paper: What Works to Increase Charitable Donations?

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Book Review: The End of Poverty

Let's Read A Paper: Who Gives To Animal Charities?

What Do We Know About The Effects of Pornography After Fifty Years of Academic Research?

Hugo Nominees That Are Worth Reading: Related Works

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Book Review: The Erotic Mind

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Suggest Things For Me To Write!

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On Capabilitarianism

Why Is It Hard For Severely Mentally Ill People To Get Mental Health Care?

Book Review: History of Psychiatry

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Ideological Abuse Series: Effective Altruism And Child Sexual Abuse

Maybe It's Okay To Be A Social Insect?

The Ku Klux Klan and Trump Supporters

The Case Against The Case Against The Sexual Revolution

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Book Review: Behind The Mask of Chivalry

A Meta-Analysis Of Convincing People To Go Vegan

Be A Fan Of The Characters

"Milk Before Meat" Is Bad Practice

Ideological Abuse Series: Take Care When Discussing "Loaded Language"

Paper Review: Animal Harms and Food Production

Contra Ari Ne'eman On Effective Altruism

Attachment-Based Relationships

Stop Raising The Stakes

Review: Edward Tufte's Beautiful Evidence

The Satanic Panic Is Incredibly Weird

Cons of Polyamory

Emphasize Vegetarian Retention

Ideological Abuse Series: Ideological Abuse Is A Spectrum

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Shy Nerds: Please Stop Accidentally Rejecting People

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April Fools Post: Prairie Hen

Shitposty Thoughts on Non-Fungible Tokens

Choose The Coolest Surname

App Review: Amaru

2021 Hugo Nominees That Are Worth Consuming

2021 Hugo Nominees That Are Worth Reading

On The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas

Notes on Ideological Abuse in EA: Some Terminology

In Tentative Defense Of Clubbing Baby Seals

Some Thoughts On Wild Animal Welfare And Hunting

Mo Dao Zu Shi Review