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Book Review: Going Infinite

Polyamory Advice For New Poly People

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Boundaries and Rules

Fraudsters: Turn Yourself In

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Overpolicing Doesn't Solve Underpolicing

On Doing Things That Look Bad

A Stupid Self-Compassion Life Hack

Let's Read A Paper: Comparing U.S. Groups' Openness To Pro-Animal Actions

Subscriber-Only AMA and Blog Post Prompts

Conflict Is Not Abuse Review: Wow, Fuck Sarah Schulman

Advice for Parents of Trans Kids

Two Kinds of Longtermism

Vegan Health Advice

The Horrifying Kafkaesque Nightmare Of The U.S. Misdemeanor System

Measuring Animal Welfare Part Seven: Miscellaneous Ways Of Determining Animal Well-Being

Measuring Animal Welfare Part Six: Can Animals Have Mental Illnesses?

Review: The Social Skills Guidebook

On Mutual Aid

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The Logic of The Larder

Sexual Ethics Beyond Consent

Heroic Conservativism Review Part 2: Foreign Policy

Polysemy and Porn

Transition May Have Relatively Small Effects

Measuring Animal Welfare, Part Five: Chronic Stress

Ex-Gay Therapy And Kinds Of Evidence

CASR: On Rape

Weird People of History: Christabel Russell

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Measuring Animal Welfare, Part Four: Acute Stress

Heroic Conservativism Review Part 1: Domestic Policy

CASR: On Bad Sex

Measuring Animal Welfare, Part Three: Natural Behavior

Let's Read A Paper: The Miracle of Microfinance? Evidence From A Randomized Evaluation

Book Review: Black Sails to Sunward

Measuring Animal Welfare, Part Two: Making A Little List

Workplaces Without Borders And Sexual Harassment

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Facts I Learned From Blood, Sweat, and Chrome: The Wild and True Story of Mad Max Fury Road

Social Media Ruins Words

Some Thoughts On Frugality In Effective Altruism

On Mental Hospitals

A Response To Zack Davis

In Which I Describe The Asexual Spectrum

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The Strategy of Focus on the Family

The Four Guys Who Wouldn't Shut Up And Were Wrong About Everything

Anonymous Feedback Forms Are Not Very Useful

Thoughts On Longtermists In Interwar Britain

80,000 Hours, If It Were Founded In Interwar Britain

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I Read Saddam Hussein's Romance Novel So You Don't Have To

On "Present Rate No Singularity"

Liking Is A Virtuous Cycle

Contra Scott on Fake Bisexuality

Please Explain To Me This Weird Thing That Happened In My Childhood

Moss Is Cool

Facts I Learned From Vice And Vigilance

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Measuring Animal Welfare, Part One: Maybe We Can Just Ask Them?

Auradon Worldbuilding Guide

Book Review: Do Fish Feel Pain?

The Inner Circle Of Cool Effective Altruists Doesn't Exist

Porn in Early Twentieth Century Britain

Weird People Of History: Samuel Derrick

On Ameliatarianism

Ozy On Institutionalized

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A Description Of Effective Altruist Dating Norms That May Relate To Sexual Harassment

Frequently Asked Questions About Bihacking

Romantic Tastes of Women

Book Review: Mind in the Making

Let's Read A Paper: How To Convince People To Be Vegan

Ozy in Asterisk

Hope for Free-Speech Alternatives

On Demandingness, Polyamory, and Effective Altruism

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A Crux On Biomedical Transition

Facts I Learned From "I'm Perfect, You're Doomed"

What Fraud Teaches Us About Economics

Pregnancy Advice

Three Difficulties With Trying To Include Women

My Disagreements With "Doing EA Better"

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Interesting Facts From Lying For Money

Toby Ord's Main Argument Against Negative Utilitarianism Is Correct

EA Funds That Exist (2022)

What Was Conversion Therapy Like?

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Weird People of History: Michael Bussee and Gary Cooper

Things That Might Be Making You Miserable

The Social Construction Of Sex Addiction